Tony Minniecon

tonyTony is a  well respected community leader with a solid background in Cultural knowledge and Cultural networks with South Australia, program development, coordination, public relations and counseling.

2007, the writing of the Journey Home Program that is currently funded by COAG and implemented in the Detention centres and wider community

2008 i was privileged to win the NAIDOC award for person of the year for my service to the Aboriginal young people in detention and their families.

2010 I was awarded with “Outstanding Service to the Indigenous Community” given by the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry.

2011- I was runner up for the Margaret Tobin Award for excellence in the provision of mental health services for those most in need or at risk.

Tony brings his vast experience in working with children and adolescents to KWY and an incredible passion to support youth in crisis. Currently Tony is working for Child Adolescent Mental Health Service

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