Flame of Change Unifying Support Innovation Recipient – DCSI for the New Service Delivery Model

2015 Flame of Change Unifying Support Innovation Award – DCSI  for the New Service Delivery Model

The SA Housing Trust began in 1936 with a focus on housing individuals and families on low incomes.

Recently, Housing SA has embarked on a long and intensive change process that seeks to transform the way it delivers services into the future. In July 2014, Housing SA began rolling out a New Service Delivery Model across its nineteen regional offices from Modbury to Mount Gambier.  This service reform  represents a direct response to the changing profile of Housing SA’s key client group  – who today, are more likely than our in our parents and grandparents  generation -to be experiencing  multiple and complex issues that generate risks to their health and overall well-being and often their safety.

Unlike previous reforms propelled by economic and structural considerations, this change was driven by the need to transform culture in the organisation and need to move away from a compliance based services to one with greater emphasis on the people.

This reform is values driven and focused on changing not just on service delivery and restructure but  it represents deep-seated change and a long and intense journey forward for staff and the way they work with some of the most vulnerable South Australians in our community.

Carol Shard for the DCSI Housing Framework – new service delivery model, receiving the Flame of Change from Australian of the Year Rosie Batty.

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