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Reenvirosponsible Environmental Practices

KWY aims to manage its activities so as to give benefit to the community through ensuring that any adverse effects on the environment are reduced to a practicable minimum.  KWY recognises and acknowledges its role in being a responsible user of resources and will aim to limit its effects on the environment wherever practicable.

KWY is committed to managing health, safety and environmental matters as an integral part of conducting all of our services.

KWY will do so by adhering to the following principles:

  • Reducing energy consumption through regular auditing processes and considering energy efficiency and conservation initiatives in all facilities and activities.
  • Reducing materials consumption by minimizing paper consumption in all office activities.
  • Improving waste management and recycling by initiating recycling opportunities in order to increase access to recycling facilities.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through reducing vehicle usage by careful route planning and priority setting strategies.

Environmental Procedures

KWY will ensure environmental compliance through:

  • Promoting the interchange of environmental information amongst KWY staff.
  • Providing information to enable KWY activities to be conducted with minimal unacceptable effects on the environment.
  • Ensuring products are properly used, stored and disposed of, to avoid unacceptable effects on the environment.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations and will operate programs and services to assure compliance.
  • Including environmental issues in training, program evaluation and performance reviews.


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