Family Hub Services

In establishing the KWY stronger, safer family hubs we hope to deliver a fundamental change to the way Aboriginal families interact with family services. This is done in the hope of breaking the cycle of family violence. For too long, women experiencing family violence have had to manage their own safety. At a time of great vulnerability, they have been bounced around support systems. Being told they are ineligible for services they approach or placed on long waiting lists while telling their stories over and over. The KWY stronger, safer service hubs aim to change this by providing clear information about service options and availability when things can be at their most challenging. 

The KWY Family Hub has been funded under the Third Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022. The Third Action targets funding for Indigenous specific activities to address family violence in Indigenous communities.

Stronger, Safer Family Hubs


The KWY Stronger, Safer Family’s Hubs has established close connections to the community and universal services to help identify needs and intervene earlier, not only responding at crisis point after significant damage has been done. People will no longer have to go to multiple places to figure out what support is available and piece together a plan for their safety and wellbeing.

Our priority will always be promoting the safety and welfare of women and children. However, we will never truly address family violence without a sustained focus on holding perpetrators to account. The KWY Stronger, Safer Family’s Hubs is a critical part of our whole- of-system to provide intensive case management for the whole family including placing perpetrators in view, engage them so that they take responsibility for changing their behaviour and choose to end their use of violence. This will reverse the status quo, where women are too often expected to carry the burden of managing the risk associated with the actions of perpetrators. The service has integrated trauma-informed services for children using a blend of traditional cultural activities and contemporary psychology.

The integration of all three services has ensured that we can provide a streamlined, comprehensive service response to meet the need of Aboriginal families and to increase the safety of women and children in real time.

KWY through its holistic family support hubs monitors the safety of women and children as our support workers work closely with the women and children whilst our men’s DV workers are simultaneously working with the perpetrator. The ability to share information between workers within each hub allows a real-time, instant response.

The project focuses on reducing family violence in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of Adelaide and the Riverland and as a result reducing the number of children entering the out of home care and juvenile justice systems by breaking the cycles of family violence.

The KWY approach is grounded in family kinship support. We understand that changing patterns of family violence in our communities requires more than just working with mum, dad and the children. It involves working with Aunties who form part of safety plans and Uncles who keep perpetrators of violence accountable.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Adult male and female to be in a relationship not necessarily living together
  • At least one parent is Aboriginal
  • To have children in their care
  • Recently or currently experiencing domestic and or family violence
  • Live in the Northern, Southern metro area or the Riverland of South Australia
  • If there is an Intervention Order it must allow contact between the couple

The model we deliver builds on our existing programs including:

  • The KWY A.R.C (Accountability, Responsibility to Change) Behaviour change program (perpetrator behaviour change program)
  • The ARC one to one counselling services (perpetrator behaviour change service)
  • The Journey to Respect Program (Male focus – addresses a wide number of things. Grounded in culture as a tool to engage in positive relationship building, behaviour change and re-connecting to culture and community) Increase the social and emotional wellbeing to break the cycle of family violence. Strengthening partnerships with other service providers and reduce the number of people at risk of becoming homelessness and mirroring perpetrator behaviours to break the intergenerational cycle of violence.
  • Aboriginal Dads Program (positive parenting program for Aboriginal men with children)
  • Respect sister girls’ program (Female version of Journey to Respect for males)

Our current funding resources allow KWY to continue to develop our intensive family focussed case managed approach to break cycles of violence and reinstate traditional cultural values using a blend of contemporary trauma-informed and traditional cultural practices.

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