Strengthening A Family Environment

The Strengthening A Family Environment “SAFE” program aims to assist Aboriginal men who are currently experiencing difficulties around fathering. “SAFE” aim is to provide increased opportunities for men that may be experiencing some of the following:

  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Have previously been institutionalised
  • Have previously been incarcerated
  • Member of the stolen generation
  • Have a minor disability
  • Have literacy and numeracy
  • Issues with gambling
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Family violence

The program is founded on the basis of holistic healing through Aboriginal culture. This is done from a strength based, solution driven, positive perspective. Working on the strength based model we deliver positive outcomes for the men moving forward. The aim is to support the individual‘s self-belief and confidence through strengthening identity, building self-dignity and pride.

The “SAFE” program aim is to address some the issues that face our community in a holistic way working with men to get outcomes in their home and community’s. The program has the capacity to assist in fostering a positive image of Aboriginal men in society, strengthen culture, and reduce the harmful behaviours that disrupt the lives of the men and women and the broader society.

KWY believe that this initiative gives participants a better understanding to fathering in the Aboriginal community and how their actions may impact on women, children and community, including the breakdown of relationships between young people and their elders. This initiative also addresses concerns about children and young people losing touch with their cultural and spiritual selves and the despair that this is creating. This leads to rates of poor health and nutrition, violence, suicide, self-harm, smoking, alcohol, and substance misuse, as well as decreasing education

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