My Program – Adult Community Education

  • Is a personalised approach to our learning environment, and the opportunity for participants to own their program.
  • Provides the opportunity for participants to start their learning journey in a supportive learning environment, within a community centre setting.
  • supports and guides participants to identify their learning and personal goals and provides opportunities to reach those goals by working with you individually.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of learning and preparation for workplace communication, getting ready for work and further training, as well as discovering their skills and how to grow them. Fundamental to the success of My Program is the individual support and mentoring participants will receive which will allow participants to apply these lessons to their own context. My Program aims to support everyone to take little steps in their learning and communicating. All towards the goal of work readiness. This program is run weekly at the Lois O’Donoghue Community Centre, Stirling Road, Port Augusta.


My Program is funded through the Adult Community Education Program, an initiative of the Department for Industry and Skills. There is no cost to participants. Course content is based on the Australia Core Skills Framework, with a focus on two core skills competencies, including ‘Prepare to participate in a learning environment’ and ‘Engage in basic spoken exchanges at work’.

Feel free to print a copy of our flyers for your clients or for your workplace using the link below

ACE – My Program

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