Regional Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training

Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training 

KWY is a not-for-profit organisation that provides culturally specific training, consultancy, and Indigenous male health and well-being services.

This series of training courses is designed to generate greater understanding of Aboriginal culture, and improve the delivery of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Each session operates as a ‘stand-alone’ training, so all are useful whether you are attending one, or multiple seminars.

Aboriginal Cultural Competencies – Regional Training

       One day 9:00am – 5:00pm

Specific single-day training is also available to regionally based organisations, delivered in their own regions. Content for this training can include:

• Aboriginal Cultural Understandings, Better Engagement (C.U.B.E)
• Aboriginal Lateral Violence – Pathways to Healing
• Aboriginal Cross Cultural Capabilities – Pathways to Cultural Competency
• Other content/training as negotiated between the organisation/s, KWY  based on specific regional issues or needs.

Regionally based single-day training can be provided in up to 4 regional centres for 2014/15, where regional organisations request this. Preference will be given to requests for regionally based training that demonstrate a depth/breadth of need e.g. where requests are jointly made by a number of regional  agencies, and/or through relevant regional round tables/collaborations.

I found it deep and informative, thanks”- James  

“The content was very to the point with a brilliant delivery style” -Greg 

“Awesome it was very interactive and practically informative”-Helen    


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