Regional Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training


One day 9:00am – 5:00pm

Specific single-day training is also available to regionally based organisations, delivered in their own regions. Content for this training can include:

• Aboriginal Cultural Understandings, Better Engagement (C.U.B.E)
• Aboriginal Lateral Violence – Pathways to Healing
• Aboriginal Cross Cultural Capabilities – Pathways to Cultural Competency
• Other content/training as negotiated between the organisation/s, KWY  based on specific regional issues or needs.

Regionally based single-day training can be provided in up to 4 regional centres for 2014/15, where regional organisations request this. Preference will be given to requests for regionally based training that demonstrate a depth/breadth of need e.g. where requests are jointly made by a number of regional  agencies, and/or through relevant regional round tables/collaborations.

I found it deep and informative, thanks”- James  

“The content was very to the point with a brilliant delivery style” -Greg 

“Awesome it was very interactive and practically informative”-Helen    


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