Aboriginal Cultural Understandings,Training and Employment (C.U.T.E)

One day 9:00am – 5:00pm

This training provides participants with an introduction into cross cultural capabilities and organisational cultural competency – i.e. introductory tools and approaches to increase an organisation’s ability to provide culturally appropriate services.

Culturally competent organisations provide leadership and support with key stakeholders, to provide high level service provision to culturally and linguistically diverse communities. This training will look at the integration of attitudes, values, knowledge & understanding and skills that enable effective  interventions with people from a culture different to their own. Participants will develop an understanding of the set of congruent behaviours, attitudes, practices and policies to improve an organisation’s cross-cultural service responses.

This training is aimed at middle to senior management – i.e. those who are well placed to effect change within an organisation. Organisations can choose to further build on this training.


This will lead to:

  • Enable participants to better understand Aboriginal culture and myths surrounding it.
  • Develop and enhance support networks for services.
  • Drive positive change and outcomes regarding Aboriginal employment, mentoring and employee retention.
  • Empower participants with skills and knowledge to better recognise and understand some areas in Aboriginal culture that may have an effect on    employment and retention.


The training offers the opportunity for participants to increase their own cultural understandings and discuss strategies for the implementation of their new learnings and how they may become embedded into their service delivery.

Training will outline several key areas relating to Aboriginal culture, employment and retention

“Well presented, interesting, informative” -Anon

“It was great to be informed of resources that are available for trainees” -Anon 

                       “I believe that I can put some new processes in place to make our work place more culturally competent” -Anon


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