This training provides participants with the knowledge and skills to recognise and understand the indicators of serious risk of domestic and family violence.   The training provides specific  information on working with Aboriginal families experiencing domestic and family violence.

The training discusses practical strategies for responding to domestic and family violence within the context of your agency. The program also  provides you with strategies and how to imbed these strategies into your everyday practice. The program will focus on the importance of how to respond in ways that support the client’s needs, particularly their need for safety.

Topics include:

  • How we define domestic and Aboriginal family violence
  • What can workplaces do to support employees experiencing domestic and family violence?
  • How can I tell if someone is in an abusive relationship?
  • The causes of Aboriginal family violence
  • Guiding principles working with Aboriginal clients
  • Culturally sensitive safety planning
  • Case planning
  • Aboriginal whole-of-life view of health


“encouraged me to look through a Cultural lens, Great training” – Gemma

“exhausting, thought provoking, challenging and informative, great job”- Simon

“very informative , great use of the examples and i loved the humor”-Jessie




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