Aboriginal Family Violence Program

A program to support Aboriginal women and children’s safety and well-being – recognising the importance of culturally appropriate responses.


KWY new Aboriginal Family Violence Program (AFVP) acknowledges the effects of Aboriginal family violence, including domestic and lateral violence, and the impacts which are compounded by the fact that survivors of violence may not have access to culturally appropriate services or supports. The AFVP will provide a specialised service to Aboriginal women and children by delivering culturally appropriate services and support by addressing client’s safety through risk and safety assessments and assertive, holistic case management to include health, mental health and social and community connections.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are:

  • 35 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence-related assaults
  • 5 times as likely to experience physical violence
  • 3 times as likely to experience sexual violence than other Australian women.

 (Our Watch, Reporting on Family Violence in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

Issued September 2014)


The AFVP will be guided by National and State domestic and Aboriginal family violence agendas, initiatives and best practice including; the Family Safety Framework (FSF), Intervention Order Legislation, the National Outcome Standards for Perpetrator Intervention (NOSPI), South Australia’s Women’s Safety Strategy and the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children.

The AFVP will provide:

  • Ongoing risk and safety assessments based on the FSF risk assessment;
  • Assertive case management – going to the woman wherever they feel comfortable;
  • Children’s responses (focusing on trauma), advocacy, referrals to services, and casework with schools;
  • Support for women to safely re-engage back into their communities and with family connections.

A whole of family response

The AFVP worker will work closely with KWY’s Aboriginal men’s workers who provide a counselling service and deliver the Accountability Responsibility to Change (ARC) behaviour change program.

Men who are identified by the AFVP can be referred to our KWY men’s workers. Men will be held accountable for their actions and ongoing perpetrator mapping will be undertaken to understand their behaviours and connections to the family. KWY understands and acknowledges the difficulties associated with this work and will provide a safe environment for women and children whilst meeting the needs of Aboriginal people, their communities, and the complexities associated with lateral violence often resulting from family violence.

Geographical coverage

The AFVP worker will be available in an outreach capacity and out of the centrally based office located at Goodwood, Adelaide. This service will be delivered across metropolitan Adelaide and in Port Augusta where KWY’s ARC program also takes place.

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