Aboriginal Lateral Violence – Pathways to Healing

One day 9:00am – 5:00pm


This training will provide participants with an understanding and awareness of lateral violence, and its effect on Aboriginal people, and service delivery. Lateral violence is the harmful behaviour that members of Aboriginal communities can inflict within their own families, organisations and communities, due to historical and current disadvantage and dispossession. This training will highlight how lateral violence may affect service delivery within the Aboriginal community, family and the workplace, and potential approaches to improving responses at the personal and service level. This training is aimed at all SHS staff. This training is aimed at all SHS staff, and can potentially be further built on through subsequent Aboriginal Cross Cultural Capabilities training for managers.


Participants will gain a greater understanding of:

  • The nature and scope of lateral violence
  • How lateral violence impacts upon workplaces & community
  • Skills and knowledge needed to recognise and understand lateral violence
  • Strategies needed to implement new learning



“Very good, very informative” -Anon 

“Well done and congratulations on the work you do for  Aboriginal people”-Anon

“Thank you very much for that brilliant day of training for lateral violence, and thank you for the respect. I was stunned by the content and my lack of knowledge and how this has affected me on a personal level.”-Alex



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