Training and Development

KWY  is a not-for-profit organisation that provides culturally specific training, consultancy, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family health and well-being services. This series of training courses is designed to generate a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture, and improve the delivery of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Each session operates as a ‘stand-alone’ training, so all are useful whether you are attending one, or multiple seminars.

Training Workshops :

Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training

Cultural Understandings, Better Engagement

Aboriginal Lateral Violence – Pathways to Healing

Cultural Understandings – Training and Employment  

Engaging with Aboriginal Men 

Perpetrator Behaviour Analysis (PBA)  NEW 

Principles for Working with Men Who Use Violence 

Working Holistically With Aboriginal Community

Complex Case Management 

Recognising and Responding to domestic and Aboriginal family violence


KWY can tailor any or all of these training to suit your organisation, additionally, KWY can create training packages for your organisation on a range of topics including trauma, addiction, responding to violent clients . For all pricing contact, the KWY office on 83777822 or contact

KWY can also  provide to your organisation Aboriginal Cultural Consultancy Services


Consultancy services can be provided directly to organisations who wish to improve cultural responses to clients. Kornal Winmil Yunti (KWY) can provide a range of Consultancy services to assist in this subject to organisations requirements, including:

  • • Workplace assessments to determine gaps in culturally competent service provision;
    • Review of intake, assessment and case management practices, to assist in the development of culturally competent practices and tools;
    • Cultural supervision to agency nominated staff, to improve case management skills with Aboriginal clients;
    • Provide supervision, mentoring and support of Aboriginal staff within the agency;
    • Provide advice and assistance to agency management in the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal staff;
    • Advice around direct Aboriginal client engagement in the review of agency service design and delivery


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