Perpetrator Behaviour Analysis (PBA)

Perpetrator Behaviour Analysis (PBA) or perpetrator mapping is an important tool used to highlight pathways and case management strategies for both the perpetrator and the survivor/s of domestic and Aboriginal family violence.

Participants will learn the skills and strategies used for in depth PBA & SBA analysis. Survivor Behaviour Analysis (SBA) will assist workers develop strategies to achieve positive outcomes for survivors of domestic and Aboriginal family violence.

Including topics covering:

  • Perpetrator Behaviour Analysis – Minimising risks to women and children
  • Survivor Behaviour Analysis – Strength based practice
  • Parental Protection Patterns – Positive patterns for positive outcomes
  • Case management practices – Solution & strength  based case work


“Another excellent and meaningful training delivered by KWY thankyou” -Robert

“Thought Provoking thanks”-Simon

 “For me this training was eye opening I enjoyed it in aspects of structure & content”– Donna


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