About KWY

KWY – About Us.

KWY is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation delivering a range of specialist services across South Australia. Now in their fifth year of operation, KWY’s aim is to improve the levels of engagement and positive outcomes for men, Aboriginal people and community to improve the safety of women and children.

Our Mission:

KWY’s mission is to ensure the well-being of families and community so as to increase the safety of women and children.

Our Vision:

KWY aims to become the leading South Australian Aboriginal organisations to provide knowledge and services to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Our Core Values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Social justice.

Our services include:

Women’s  Services

Counselling service 

  • support tailored to meet women’s individual needs


  • Court support , SAPOL support, child protection support

Culturally appropriate case management 

  • Supporting  the women’s journey


Men’s services

Behaviour change program: Accountability, Responsibility to Change (ARC) Program

  • Available in Adelaide & Pt Augusta

Counselling service

  • Available in Adelaide & Pt Augusta



Training  & development 

Cultural consultancy 

  • Consultancy services can be provided directly to organisations who wish to improve cultural responses to clients.

Workforce Training

  • Training designed to meet organisations expectations and requirements. Additionally KWY has developed some informative training packages

Cultural Supervision

  • KWY provides support and supervision to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in a range of sectors.